We close out the EURUSD short we held over the weekend here at market (1.1113)

Here are the swing signals for the week ahead:

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You can view updates to the signals during the week here:

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Here is our analysis that we use to determine the direction for the signals:

Trading Opportunities For the Week Ahead

Note about positions held over the weekend. 

At this point we will close all remaining open balances for the purposes of reporting and establish new positions based on this weeks recommendations at the same price (a form of “mark to market”).

In practice you can simply keep the trades open and “top-up” to a full position size with the stops and targets adjusted according to this weeks report. In this case you would add to your current position until you are at 50% of you maximum position size, with the other 50% to be added on a the limit entry.

If we do not have a new recommendation for a signal held over the weekend then close out here at market.