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$319 a year (70% discount)

Offer Expires on Sunday the 5th of November at Midnight GMT

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What you get 

The Compete Signal Program including day trades and swing trades on the London Open

News flow trades [Beta +9R in returns in 3 months]

End of day signals on the New York Close [Beta +19R in returns in 3 months]

The Daily Cause and FX Sentiment Report

Complete access to the recorded 16-Part Forex System Development Workshop

Access the the Trading Tribe Chatroom including bank reports daily

Unrestricted access the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders

Position sizing algorithms + Much More

Total cost: $319 AUD a year (a 70% discount)

14-day Money Back Guarantee

Join the FX Renew Trading Tribe

$319 a year (70% discount)

 Or Are You An Active Trader?

Get complete access to our Active Trader Option from Steve Lucas and Alan Collins, previously only available to major banks, hedge funds and HNW individuals. 

12 calls a day

Currency Majors

Currency Crosses

Live updates and trade management

Option to add stock index calls

Quarterly, Weekly and daily calls

Benefit from 70 years combined trading experience

 Total Cost $104 AUD a month (Normally $149, saving 30%)

Paid Annually in Advance

7-Day Free Trial

Includes full access to the everything in the standard option

Get Active Trader

$104 a Month paid annually in advance (30% discount)

Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer


1. What’s the Deadline to Join FX Renew to Get the Discount?

This offer ends on Sunday November 5th at Midnight GMT.

2. Do You Have Feedback and Performance Figures I Can Read?

Yes, you can view feedback about our service here: Click here to view feedback

You can view the performance figures of our trades here: Click here to view performance figures

You can also read more about the performance of our traders here: Click here to view trader profiles

Here are a few recent comments: “Sam, Just to say thanks for the course, I’m finding it great. First weeks live trading I have reached my target, could not have done it without your help.”

“This is where your website really helps, it made me identify why I kept blowing accounts, self sabotage was a big thing for me especially when I was trading well. As I mentioned before the calibre of traders and mentors that are on this site is amazing, all the workshops and courses are second to none. Great stuff.”

“I just really wanted to take the time to write to you personally to thank you for the webinars you are conducting. They are a massive resource to have access to for us newbie traders. I am gaining so much confidence from them that the flicker of a dream I have, of trading full time professionally, successfully and profitable is actually a real possibility not just a pipe dream.”

“I would like to thank you for the quality of information, training and consistency of your service – it is without doubt a grade A service.”

“Priceless service. I really would like to say thank you for this awesome service. As a beginner, I was struggling with my system and since I joined I feel my trading is improving exponentially.I will definitely be recommending this service to all whether experienced or beginners.”

4. Why Join FX Renew?

In the past if you wanted to become a trader you would get a job at a major bank. The aspiring trader would be chucked in the deep-end with an order book and those smart and determined enough would survive to grow into accomplished traders in their own right.

How did they learn?

There was no text book, it was actually about the people. If they were lucky enough the new entrant would befriend some wise old trader who would act as a mentor of sorts. It was really though a process of osmosis – of being around people that knew what they were doing – absorbing what worked, and figuring out how to fit it to their trading style.

Today that pathway is gone. Banks aren’t hiring or are closing down their desks. Now is the new age of the retail trader. But how do you, as the heir apparent, master the skills you need to survive without access to the traditional bank way?

It’s not easy. It took me seven years, and it was not until a chance encounter with an ex-bank trader, who took me under his wing and introduced me to other bank and hedge fund traders that I really began to get a handle on what it takes to trade well – and start producing results. Forget indicators. Forget news and opinions. What you really need to learn is access to the right people.

This is the new pathway. It’s access to traders who have been there and done that in an actionable way. You are not getting people who tell and don’t do. You are watching people actually do it, in a manner you can follow and generate returns from.

Think of it like learning golf. You could download some instructions off the internet and head off round the course on your own. Or you could go round with a pro, watching what they do, asking questions and learning the technique directly from the professional. Watch the trades, trade the trades and learn from the traders. It’s simply a much better way.

5. What Does FX Renew Include?

When you join FX Renew, you get access to all our member resources. All Training:

  • 16-Part Recorded Forex System Development Workshop
  • Unlimited access to the 20-Part Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders
  • Position Sizing Algorithm Portal
  • Mastering Signals Course
  • Technical Analysis Portal with Alan Collins

All Trades:

  • Day trades and swing trades on the London open
  • Newsflow trades
  • End of Day signals on the New York close
  • Daily Cause and FX sentiment report
  • SMS Alerts (for an additional $5 a month)
  • Members only twitter feed ( a free alternative to SMS alerts)


  • Curated institutional research posted in our chatroom daily
  • Live institutional newsfeed

Access to the FX Renew Trading Tribe Chatroom. A gentle community committed to trading success.

6. Does Membership Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! The membership come with a 14-day money-back guarantee for new members. If you join today and find for whatever reason that this membership is not for you, just let us know within 14 days and we’ll issue you a refund.

Join the FX Renew Trading Tribe

$319 a year

Offer Expires on Sunday November 5th at Midnight GMT 

Or go for the Active Trader Option:

 Previously only available to major banks, hedge funds and HNW individuals. 

Get Active Trader

$104 a Month paid annually in advance (30% discount)