Dear Trading Tribe Members,

It’s been some time coming, but I am pleased to let you know that you can now copy trade FX Renew’s signals.

How it works

Essentially, you can set-up your MT4 account to copy the trades placed in our master account using an Expert Advisor (EA). You have full flexibly to set your own position size and to close trades yourself, or you can simply follow the master account. This is all done inside the copy trading portal.

Note: you need to create new log-in’s to enter the portal as it is a different system to the members area on our website.

We have a execution trader placing the trades in our master account. Our signals are not aggressive. It’s about achieving consistent growth with minimal draw-downs over the long-term for you at a much lower cost and capital requirements than investing in a hedge fund.

What is a soft launch

We have been running the signals for over 18 months. The master account has been copying the signals for the past 4 weeks. We have had a select group of traders copy trading the master account for the past few weeks as well. There has been the odd hiccup during this early pre-launch phase. Each time this happens we have added additional safeguards to protect our customers.

We now move to the soft launch phase where we offer the solution to a select group of customers, but not to the general public. We are confident in the solution, processes and technology, but it’s important to understand that we cannot guarantee that things will not go wrong. Of course we are very careful in our risk management and trading approach and do our best to ensure things run smoothly.


We have a desirable equity curve, with consistent growth and limited draw-downs. A $100,000 investment in our signals when we began in March 2015 would now be worth $140,000 using our conservative position sizing model.

You can read more about our performance here.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

A benefit of a smooth equity curve is that you can apply leverage to increase returns. Of course, increased leverage equally increases risk. A smooth equity curve is also easier on the psychology. Big swings can be hard to handle. The first thing a professional trader looks at is equity curve rather than the percentage returns.

Start small

Our goal is for you to become comfortable enough with the signals that you can commit an amount of capital to the service that will make a meaningful difference to your finances and life. To start with though, until you get into profit, we recommend you keep your position sizes small.

Getting started

To find out more about our Auto-signals or to get started please go here.

Of course, if you have any questions please do let us know by replying to this email.

Kind Regards,