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Steve Lucas

Steve spent twenty years as a trader in the foreign exchange, fixed income and equity markets for Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In the early stages of his career he was a market-maker and arbitrager, which led to running trading and sales at offices in Los Angeles and then New York.

During this period, as a prop trader and running the bank’s capital, Steve used technical and statistical analysis extensively, and he brings a trader’s perspective to all his analytical work.

Since 2007, he has provided live technical analysis research to the inter-bank market, hedge funds and professional traders and now he provides his best signals for retail traders through FX Renew.

Jim Langlands

Alan Collins

Alan has been involved in the financial markets for more than 30-years. A FX salesman, Spot and Forward FX trader at Barclays, Head of Sales/ProprietaryTrader based on technical analysis at KOP/Merita/Nordea and technical analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort. He has written a number of articles on technical analysis that have been published in the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) journal and FX Trader magazine and has also spoken at the STA and given numerous lectures on a variety of analysis subjects.

Since 2007, along with Steve, Alan has provided live technical analysis to banks and hedge funds, and now to retail traders through FX Renew.

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