MetaTrader 4 Upgraded

and with a Rebate Program

We’ve partnered with Admiral Markets for MT4. Trade on their upgraded MT4 via FX Renew
and you’ll get everything they offer plus a rebate to your spread so you can
earn more pips every time you trade.

Access a Forex Rebate Program

Access a Forex Rebate Program so you can earn more pips every time you trade.


Super-Fast and Reliable at SIZE

Admiral’s super-fast MT4 Bridge means your trades are executed quick, saving you money on slippage even if you trade big sizes.

Optimised Position Sizing

In this enhanced version of MT4 specify your risk on the trade and the software automatically handles all the equations for perfect position sizing.

Position Management Tools

Admiral’s MT4 comes with a suite of tools that allow you to automate your trade management with aplomb.   

A Scientific Approach to Improvement

Automatically track and analyse the performance of your trading strategy with MT4 and take a methodical approach to improving your trading performance.

Flexible Platform Options

A variety of platforms including MT5, MT4 for Mac, Android, Mobile, IPad, windows mobile and web in-case your needs change.

Low Spreads from 0.8

Admiral have consistently low spreads from 0.8 of a pip on major currency pairs.


Alarm Manager that Automates Trades

Access a powerful alarm manager that not only sends alerts but can automate your trading by placing orders for you .

Forex Course for Smart Traders

Access the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders for FREE and learn to trade using the principles of the famous market wizards.

Get AutoChartist’s Essential Analysis Technology For Free 

Access AutoChartist complete suite of trading tools for free when you open a pro account. In particular the event impact analysis tool is critical for news traders.

Why we Choose Admiral Markets

Unlike so many Forex brokers admiral markets doesn’t play games, nor are they a market maker. They give excellent and fair execution and pricing including spreads from 0.8 of a pip. We are a sustainable business with long-term customers committed to successfully trading Forex, and that is something we just won’t compromise by choosing to partner with a broker than is anything less than the best.

Forex, Commodities, Metals + Major stocks

Spreads from 0.8

ECN Account Available



Get Started with a Free Demo Account

Join today and get a significantly upgraded MT4 and a substantial discount to your spread that means more pips for you every day you trade .

Ready to open a live FX trading account?

It’s free, you can start small, trade as much or as little as you like, and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

More Admiral Account Features

  • Gold base currency available!
  • Hedging on MetaTrader 4 allowed
  • All EA’s welcome
  • Ideal for scalpers
  • Positive slippage passed on entirely
  • Manage stops on the chart
  • No minimum distance between stops
  • Free Autochartist on deposits over $1000
  • Liquidity from global banks, dark pools, and hedge funds
  • AUD, USD and GBP base currencies
  • One click trading
  • No requotes, direct market execution


About Admiral Markets
Admiral Markets is a pretty great FX broker that has over 30 offices in more than 30 countries. They are known for their fast and upgraded version of MT4, extra tight spreads and fair and equitable treatment of their customers.
Are my funds secure?

Your funds are kept in Admiral markets segregated trust accounts in the location of the base currency. The level of protection your funds receive is one of the key reasons we choose to work with Admiral. We have examined the legal structure of their trust and it has advantages over the majority of other brokers.

We encourage all traders to do their own due diligence into any institution that holds their funds, be it broker or bank.

What are your spreads?

Admiral market spreads are from 0.8. If you are using the ECN account spreads are from 0.0.

The best way to check the spreads is to get a demo account and see for yourself.


Are the candlesticks New York close?

Yes, the candlesticks are New York close.

Are you a market maker?

FX Renew is not a market maker and neither is Admiral Markets. Admiral Markets operates a Forex ECN model based on some seriously robust technology and infrastructure though the MetaTrader 4 platform. This means trades are executed fast without the intervention of a dealing desk.

Where are you regulated?

FX Renew is regulated by ASIC is Australia licence number 455 388.

Admiral Markets AS is licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority for main investment and brokerage activities in the European Union.

Admiral Markets UK Ltd is authorised by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer Forex and CFD online trading. The company is regulated to hold customer assets in segregation from its own assets under the UK law.

Admiral Markets Pty Ltd is licenced to provide financial services by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services Licence number 410681.

Admiralex Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, independent public supervisory Authority responsible for the supervision of the investment services market and transactions in transferable securities carried out in the Republic of Cyprus.

Admiral Markets Uruguay is registered in and licensed by the Central Bank of Uruguay for investment consultation as a certified Investment Advisor.

How does the rebate program work?

As a customer of Admiral Markets via FX Renew you will receive a rebate paid at the end of each month of up to 0.3 of a pip on your spread. On the pro account you receive no rebate, but only pay $2.00 commission per side along with an already reduced spread, where the industry typically charges $3.50.

Most traders doing even an average amount of trades could expect to save $1000 a year. High volume traders could save tens of thousands over their trading lifetime.

We encourage you to take this seriously as excessive costs cause trading strategies and traders to fail in the market.

For more details on how the rebate program works you can go here.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds?

Admiral Markets allow you to deposit and withdraw funds from inside their customer portal by bank transfer and credit card. We have tested the process and it seamless and fast.

We encourage Forex traders to do their own due diligence on Admiral Markets before selecting them as their broker.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can start with a standard account for $100 or a ECN account for only $3000.  Please note we do not recommend an ECN account unless you have at least $50,000 in your account, due to position sizing restrictions on proper ECN accounts.

What base currencies can I deposit in?

Admiral Markets had AUD and USD base currency accounts available. You can deposit in AUD or USD to these accounts.

What are the fees?

There are no fees for depositing via credit card or bank transfer.

There are no fees for withdrawing via credit card.

There is a $3 bank transfer withdrawal fee for AUD accounts, or a $20 fee if you use USD accounts for withdrawals.

Are ECN or Pro accounts Available?

Yes you can get an ECN account with Admiral Markets with a spread from 0.0 and $3.50 per side commission.

We do not recommend an ECN unless your account balance is greater than $50,000 as ECN accounts have limitations on their position-sizing that impacts smaller accounts.

If you would like an ECN account you simply apply for an account as normal and choose ECN in the traders room.