Facilitate Your Trading With Custom Made Indicators & Expert Advisors

Whether you are a Part-Time Trader, Full-Time Trader or Active Trader, these tools will facilitate your job.

Automate Tasks

Limit Emotional Impact

Save Time

Easy to Run

MT4 Order Group Script

  • Place up to three orders with the same entry and stoploss.
  • Different take-profit on each order.
  • Allows for scaling out at predefined levels.
  • 2 position sizing methods available.
  • Entry orders can be at market, limit or stop.
  • Allows the use of a ‘magic’ number.


SuperTrend AJS

  • Popular indicator found on other platforms.
  • Useful as a trailing stop level or a trend reversal signal.
  • Additional features: Screen alerts (signals) for cross-overs & ATR bands.


SuperTrend Trailing Stop EA

  • Trails stop-loss orders with the¬†SuperTrend AJS indicator
  • Can manage up to six order tickets
  • SuperTrend AJS indicator required