As you all likely know, FX Renew has recently re-launched due to new ownership.

I wanted to take moment of your time to share with you both the vision we have for FX Renew, and what you can expect from us moving forward.

Before I get into it, I want to say thanks to the new members for joining us. We are here to build a service for you so don’t be shy in communicating with us what you would like.

Many of you will be expecting different things from the signals, and though we won’t be able to please everybody, we would very much like to go on this journey with you as we develop our offering.

To say thanks for joining us at this early stage, we will be giving all new members an additional two weeks’ free membership. 

(Not got a free trial yet? Get one here – and get the extra two weeks if you join today only. We will be adding the extra two weeks to all members tomorrow so if you are in the system you will get it)

A little bit of background

As a little bit of background, prior to the relaunch over the last 6 months we have:

And of course we cannot forget the signal providers.

It’s a rare being that can trade Forex successfully, and it’s a rarer being yet that can do it with large sums of capital consistently for 20+ years (or nearly 30 in Sean’s case).  We have been lucky to have both 888 and Sean Lee join us – thanks to both of you, and I’m sure we all look forward to the trades you will be sending our way.

What the FX Renew Trading Tribe is all about

Right from the get go, when we purchased FX Renew, we realised that if we wanted our customers to be successful they would need more than signals.

I personally have seen so many traders under-perform or worse because they focus on the wrong things.

They fail to understand that it is position-sizing that allows them to achieve their objectives, and that to be successful, they need to manage their trading like a business and develop the mindset of a master trader.

We very much see the signals as facilitating this process. Yes, we aim to provide you with a significant edge over the market with your entries and exits, but more than that we want to “teach you how to fish”, because even if you are getting great signals you will never be able to trade with any type of size unless you master all the skills of  Forex trading.

I would encourage you to be learning everything you can off our signals providers. Try and see how they think about the markets when they place their trades.

Also note that a lot of the training is based of conversations with the providers around how they run their trading business, position sizing, psychology etc. It used to be only by working at a bank or reading books that you could get exposure to traders who have “been there and done that” so make the most of it with the  our signal providers.

Wealth creation

As a trader, we can tend to get lost in the fun and the challenge of the Forex markets and forget that is about making money. At FX Renew we acknowledge the role that Forex trading has as a self-development tool, but we are pretty hard-nosed about the fact that Forex trading is ultimately about wealth creation.

Everything we do is designed with the wealth creation end goal in mind. We want you to make money trading with our signals.

Ultimately it all boils down to adding cold hard cash to your trading account and we won’t forget that.

What to expect from the FX trading signals

On a more practical level we will be targeting bringing you between 5 and 15 FX trading signals a week. We have a definite focus on providing quality over quantity.

Currently there have been a few less signals, as the signal providers are still finding their feet, but mostly because the markets are not presenting the strong risk/reward opportunities that make good signals. This will likely be the case until the next FOMC meeting.

To supplement the FX trading signals from Sean and 888, I will be bringing you a number of trades from the institutional connections we have along with trades that I place in my personal account. This will be a good way for you to see the principles of the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders and Mastering Signals Lessons in action.

The signals will be a mix of short-term and long-term trades. Depending on how quickly the signal needs to be pushed out, they will come with commentary, charts and position sizing recommendations.

This all means you will have a steady flow of signals coming though to fit your trading style.

Don’t feel the need to place all the signals you get. You should be able to achieve your goals though your position sizing model by taking around 20 trades a month. Of course you can take more or less if you like.

Coming soon

We have a number of upgrades etc on the horizon. Here is some of the things we have planned for the short term future.

  • We will have a members’ only twitter feed that sends signals as soon as they are published. You will also be able to set this to send you a text message as soon as a signal is published.
  • We had an unexpected problem with the email technology that is used that means the emails are not always instantaneously sent as the signals are published. This is being worked on.
  • I have an interactive trading plan that you will be able to fill out that is almost ready.
  • We will be adding more lesson to the training portal. Lessons will also be downloadable and in Audio (podcast) format. Some will be video too. If you have not seen them, these two have been recently added:
  • I recently added a new position-sizing algorithm (based on the way bank traders run their books) to the position-sizing algorithm portal. I have a more advanced version on the way soon.

We are looking at adding a third signal provider. As you know traders of the calibre we require are not that easy to find but we have some sources. I will keep you posted.

Finally if you have any feedback, questions, comments or requests please let us know. We would much appreciate it.