FX Renew Trading Tribe Members,

It was a tricky week for the signals last week with a loss of -3.2R. We were just stopped out on the short AUD, JPY and the NZD just before they collapsed and we did not get our limit entry on the short EURUSD hit.

On the positive side, volatility has been increasing so we should start to see more signals soon after a quiet month in February.

On a more personal note, Mike (my business partner in FX Renew whom some of you will know) had his first child, a baby girl last Thursday. Congratulations to Mike and Janelle.

Blog post this week

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Please let me know any topics you would like me to write about this week in the comments section.

Strategy notes

Strategy Note: Is this the NZD turn?

Strategy Note: 9 Mar: Weekly Outlook

Strategy Note: US$ – close to breaking higher

Pending Orders


Long USDJPY (leaving in-case the price does get back down there)

Current positions


Closed positions

Short NZDUSD +10 pips (+0.9R)

Short AUDUSD -100 pips or -1R

Long GBPUSD  -222 pips on 50% of the position and -156 pips on the other 50%. Average loss of -189 pips or 1R

Long GBPAUD -50 pips or -0.29R

Long USDJPY -70 pips or -1R

*1R = 1 times our risk on the trade. For example if you risked 1% of your account and you made 2R you would have a 2% profit. To learn more you can click here.