FX Renew Trading Tribe Members,

Last week we had a positive week on the signals. These current market conditions are not particularly well suited to swing trading (i.e. a prop trader type environment), so the focus has been on the short-term day trades.

In terms of company updates, we have launched a live chatroom, which you will see in the members area. We will be posting additional trade ideas and bank research in the chatroom. Please feel free to add to the conversation.

Have a great week of trading ahead.



Blog post this week

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Please let me know any topics you would like me to write about this week in the comments section.

Strategy Notes

Strategy Note: 27 April

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EURUSD Closed for Small Loss -10 pips (-0.12R)

EURUSD Closed for Small Profit +8 pips (+0.11R)

EURUSD Closed for Small Profit +11 pips (+0.17R)

EURGBP Closed for Small Profit +6 pips (+0.12R)

*1R = 1 times our risk on the trade. For example if you risked 1% of your account and you made 2R you would have a 2% profit. To learn more you can click here.