FX Renew Trading Tribe Members,

Last week we had three signals executed with one being stopped out at break even ( just) while the other two are currently sitting with open profits.

On a company note, over the next couple of weeks we will be looking to role out further upgrades to the members area and our service, as I train additional staff. This will include:

  1. More updates when pending signals are executed.
  2. Separate areas on the website for a summary of pending and live signals.
  3. Updated signal performance summary since inception in members area. We are up around 10R* for those that are wondering. It’s a slow and steady start, and we continue to work on the balance between quality and quantity of signals.

We thank all our customers who have provided the feedback that has lead to these changes. If you have anything on your mind, please do sing out.

On a personal note, my move back to NZ is now complete. If you are wondering why I made the transition, here is my view as I write this, and the photo does not really do it justice. I’m lucky to be a Kiwi.


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 Strategy Notes

Strategy Note: Looking for confirmation for US$ rally to extend

Strategy Note: Sideways consolidation persists – broad USD uptrend still intact:

Strategy Note : trendless trading extends

Strategy Note: 2 March.

Current positions

Short NZDUSD – Stop has been moved to just above the entry limiting the risk on this trade

Long GBPUSD – The first half of the position has been entered, with the second half still pending entry.

Pending Orders




Closed positions

Short AUDUSD +0 Pips (+0R)

*1R = 1 times our risk on the trade. For example if you risked 1% of your account and you made 2R you would have a 2% profit. To learn more you can click here.