FX Renew Trading Tribe Members,

Last week was a positive week on the signals gaining 1.28R*. Unfortunately we just got stopped out by a few pips on our short AUDUSD position. For our swing trades we had a good sized winner short USDCAD and a loser on the GBPUSD.

Steve had another good week again on the short-term signal with three winning trades and no losers.

We have two new pending orders to place today (below).

Blog post this week

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Video: Forex Trading Opportunities for the Week Ahead 04 May 15

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Trade the “Cards as They are Dealt”

Please let me know any topics you would like me to write about this week in the comments section.

Strategy Notes

Strategy Note: 4 May; weekly outlook.

Strategy Note: Short-term trading 29 April 15

Pending Orders

Forex Signal: Sell Limit GBPJPY

Forex Signal: Buy Limit: EurAud

Current positions


Closed positions

GBPUSD -100 pips or (-1R)

GBPUSD  Avg +34 pips (+0.46R)

USDCAD +89 pips (+1.97R)

AUDUSD -245 pips (-0.5R)

USDJPY Avg. +14 pips(+0.15R)

AUDUSD Avg. +15 pips (+0.20R)

*1R = 1 times our risk on the trade. For example if you risked 1% of your account and you made 2R you would have a 2% profit. To learn more you can click here.