Mastering Signals Course

Any experienced trader will tell you that the signal is only a small part of the equation. At FX Renew we understand this at a deep level, so we provide you with a series of essential on-going lessons so you can make the most of the signals you are given.

Signals are a Superior Form of Trading

As a trader, if you can master the art of effectively trading signals, you trading performance can be far superior to any type of auto-signals or managed account.
By retaining control of the objectives and position-sizing models, while outsourcing the entry to experienced veterans you have a combination that just can’t be matched by a managed service.

Forex Signal Management

One of the most important parts of our role at FX Renew is signal management. When our traders place a trade, we then manage the position to generate the best risk/reward we can from the trade.
Think of it like a hedge fund business manager running their team of traders. This adds another level of consistency and safety to your signal trading.

What you will learn in the Mastering Signals Lessons

How to manage your trades with aplomb

Learn how to manage your position though-out the Forex signal so you can keep more of the move and maximize your profit. Master the skills of exits, re-entries and scaling in.

How to use institutional research and trade ideas

Bank traders are an excellent resource for understanding whats going on and for trade ideas. Learn how to use bank research to power-up your Forex trading in this enlightening lesson.

How to achieve your objectives through position sizing

The key to making real money in the Forex market is position sizing. Learn how to use position sizing algorithms to reduce losses, protect your initial capital and increase your profits through “markets money”.

Copy Trading Secrets

Learn how to automatically follow the strategies of professional traders with copy trading technology.

Manage your trading like a business

The best traders and money managers approach the markets as business people first and traders second. Learn how to develop a trading business plan a hedge fund would be proud of.

Mastering the Day Trade

Learn how to day trade Forex on the European/ London open. Understand the characteristics of the market at this pivotal time of day and how to use them to create high probability trades.

How to structure your trading month

Learn how to set monthly trading goals that let you risk small amounts while going for big monthly gains.

Forex technology and automation tips

Learn how to use nifty technology and trading tools to simplify your trading and free your time from in-front of the computer screen.

Much More Than Signals

By following the rules and principles of the mastering signals lessons, you have the power to out-perform almost any other trading style – without the need to become an expert at reading the market yourself.

So What’s Next?

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