Get Paid for Your Trades – Forex Rebate Program

As an Introducing Broker rather than a market-maker, FX Renew earns the same commission on every trade you make – win or lose.  Unlike traditional brokers who have the ability to pocket your trading losses, our interests are more directly aligned with your interest. To further prove this point, we have a Forex rebate program that provides you with a rebate on every trade your make.

We automatically refund 0.1 of a pip on every trade you make. On your monthly trade volume exceeding 10M round-turn, we raise it to 0.2 of a pip (on all your volume) and if your volume exceeds 50M we raise it to 0.3 of a pip (on all your volume). 

You receive money on every trade – win or lose.  You don’t need to do a thing, the money will be refunded to your live trading account after the end of each month.  This is NOT a bonus that you can’t withdraw; it’s a Forex rebate program that provides you with real money you can take out at any time.

Here’s How Much You Can Earn with our Forex rebate program:

Monthly Round-Turn Volume Amount Refunded to You
5M (100 lots) $50/mo ($600/year)
30M (200 Lots) $600/mo ($7,200/year)
100M (500 Lots) $3000/mo ($36,000/year)

Note that the rebate program applies to standard accounts. On the Pro account you pay only $2 per side commission, but receive no rebate as the spreads are already reduced.