Advanced Forex Position Sizing Algorithms

Get the exact advanced money management algorithms that professional traders use to reduce risk and magnify returns, along with complete training on how to implement them in your trading account.

Reduce Trading Risk

Use position sizing to limit the risk to your core trading capital and protect gains as they occur though-out the course of the trading month.

Magnify Your Returns

Use position sizing to take advantage of the quality trading systems used by our signal providers to magnify your returns.

Our Core Position Sizing Algorithms

Our Forex position sizing algorithms tell you exactly how much to risk on each trade. You still place the trade in your account yourself.

2 & 10 Algorithm

The 2 & 10 Algorithm is used in short term trading. It is designed so traders limit their risk to no more than 2% of their core trading capital, while using markets money to target 10% returns a month.

Scale-in Simple

The Scale-in simple position sizing algorithm is a easy to use, yet flexible position sizing model for building large core positions. At all times the risk in the market is keep consistently small.

2 & 25 Algorithm

The 2 & 25 Algorithm is a more aggressive version of the 2 & 10 Algorithm. It is designed so traders limit their risk to no more than 2% of their core capital, while using markets money to target 25% returns a month.

Scale-in Advanced

Scale-in advanced uses, as the name suggests, advanced position sizing methodologies and techniques to keep risk small while heavily scaling-in to long-term trends.

What is position sizing?

90% of Performance Variation Among Professional Traders is Due to Position Sizing Strategies – Van K. Tharp, Market Wizard

Position Sizing is “the how much” factor when you trade. And it’s critical. Studies show that over 90% of trading performance amongst professionals comes to how effectively they manage their position sizing.

Successful Forex position sizing is much more
than “risk 1 or 2% a trade”.

There is power in position sizing, and you can learn how to unleash it with FX Renew.


Getting started is simple and easy

And you get to keep all the advanced Forex position-sizing Algorithms