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FX Renew’s Forex Fundamentals Mastery Course

Understand how the World works, follow Market Sentiment, prepare Scenarios and learn to intercept Capital Flows

Why this course?

We all know that the financial markets are driven by large capital flows.

However, most trading courses do not explain in simple terms what drives capital flows in the first place.

Fundamental analysis allows traders to understand market sentiment and gauge just how coherent market expectations are, regarding everything from event risk to broader confidence in the productive capacity of nations.

These analytical tools are often missing from retail traders’ arsenal – and are instead the bread and butter of market professionals.

The Advanced Course in Fundamentals for Smart Traders closes the gap and allows you to read the markets like a pro.

The Format

The Course is delivered in 7 Video Sessions, and includes a forum space for Questions & Feedback from the instructor.

The Curriculum

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, the Forex Fundamentals Mastery Course will enhance your understanding of how the world works, increase your ability to identify strong capital flows and raise your overall confidence level when executing trades.

Introduction: Challenging Common Beliefs

Through examples we will illustrate how international capital flows move around the globe, what inflation really is and the limits of government intervention and central bank intervention.

Session 4 - Guesstimating Economic Indicators

Market expectations are not always correct. In this session you will learn what proxy measures can help us understand whether the market is too bullish or too bearish on any given macroeconomic release, and how to exploit the “surprize factor”.

Session 1 – Fundamental Analysis and How the World Works

Textbook academics cannot truely explain how the world work. By combining historical observations with cold hard data, you will understand how market participants react to current conditions & create future expectations.

Session 5 – How to Follow Market Sentiment

Learn how to follow the key themes that are driving the market at any given time, and how this enhances the probability of selecting quality instruments to trade.

Session 2 – Central Banks and Governments

Learn how policymakers attempt to influence the economic prospects of a nation, how effective they have been in the past, and how this influences capital flows.

Session 6 - Trading With Sentiment on Your Side

Learn how to trade in line with strong fundamental catalysts.

Session 3 – Gauging Economic Performance

Learn how the constant flow of economic indicators influences policmakers’ decisions, and how their actions are connected to currency market behaviour.

Session 7 – How to Be a Successful Trader

Extra resources for developing in-depth knowledge, and tips on how to be a Smart Trader.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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“I just really wanted to take the time to write to you personally to thank you for the webinars you are conducting. They are a massive resource to have access to for us newbie traders. I am gaining so much confidence from them that the flicker of a dream I have, of trading full time professionally, successfully and profitable is actually a real possibility not just a pipe dream.”

“I’ve been in the trading world since the mid-1990s but your content really helps me bring it all together and keep focused on the most important areas especially amidst a sea of so much available info these days.  I am grateful to have been guided to you at this time.  This is very much what I needed at this point in my trading system development journey.”

“Sam, Just to say thanks for the course, I’m finding it great. First weeks live trading I have reached my target, could not have done it without your help.”

All Course Sessions Available On-Demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course enhance my trading?

This course will enable you to understand the reasons why markets move. That, in turn, will allow you to identify and side with market sentiment – effectively staying in line with the market instead of fighting it. You will also learn how to exploit key market moving events in a logical and consistent manner.  All this makes for more consistent and professional trading habits.

How do I access the Course?

The Course is included in your FX Renew membership. You can view membership options here.

What is the format?

Course sessions are available on-demand in our members area.  Additional questions and feedback are offered in our member’s forum.

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