If there is anything that shows the timeless nature of markets, it’s candlesticks.

The development of candlestick charting techniques are widely credited to Munehisa Homma –  “god of the markets” –  a Japanese rice trader in the 1700’s.

He used candlestick charts to profit from the emerging trade of rice coupons at the Dojima Rice Exchange in Osaka.

In recent times, our very own Alan Collins, one of London’s premier technical analysts, uses candlestick techniques to achieve a 70% success rate in picking the market direction in Forex and indices.

He has kindly put together a cheat-sheet that you can download here.

Candlestick Cheat-sheet

If you would like to learn more, members have access to several of Alan’s training videos. This includes his workshop session, where he goes into detail about his approach. We also put out a daily signal on the European open based on these techniques (We have not had a losing month yet).

You can get a seven-day free trial of our service here:

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We also have a professional level service that provides 14 daily calls (rather than the one), through our partner company 3CA, run by Alan Collins and Steve Lucas. 3CA has around 40 major banks and hedge funds as clients. We are the first to partner with them to provide their signals to retail traders.

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