Financial Freedom.

That old chestnut.

It’s an over-used term, but one that is very relevant to what we do. It’s also highly achievable if you follow a scientific approach.

And in The Forex Course for Smart Traders that’s what we do. We even have an entire lesson on it.

Clarifying and exploring your relationship with money and freedom is very important as a foundational aspect of trading success. If you engage is sabotaging or destructive behaviors because of unhealthy beliefs about money, you will find it difficult to pull money from the markets, or hold on to it once you have it.

Your relationship with money should not be a adversarial, instead you want to plant money seeds that grow and blossom as you nurture them.

Your Financial Freedom number is calculated as part of Lesson 3 in the course.

It’s quite simple to do.

Add up your monthly expenses by using a budget planner.

Once your income from Forex trading surpasses this amount you have achieve one definition of financial freedom. More about this in the course.

It is also useful to do a stock take of your net-worth if you are looking to achieve financial freedom through Forex.

As a note, if you have resistance to doing a budget like this, take it as a sign you need to work on this area and your relationship with money.