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Just want to say thanks much for your blog articles, Advanced FX Course, Position Sizing Algos, and Mastering Signals Lessons.  I’ve been in the trading world since the mid-1990s but your content really helps me bring it all together and keep focused on the most important areas especially amidst a sea of so much available info these days.  I am grateful to have been guided to you at this time.  This is very much what I needed at this point in my trading system development journey

For sure, I must say the short term signals from Lucas has been largely spot on in the past 2 weeks. Just following those trades would have been worth the value of the membership. Kudos for the great calls.

Great trading education resources as well and nicely organized in the members areas for easy access. No need to jump from link to link. The trading tribe chatroom is great as the responses/insights to queries were prompt and to the point. That is much appreciated.

While I learn to trade better myself I follow a number of signals including your service.  You’ll be happy to know that your signals are one of the best ones that I follow.  I have had a few that I’ve weeded out because they’ve lost money though risky trades that I wasn’t comfortable with, and I now have a set of signals that I’m very comfortable trading. …
…  I just wanted to let you know that since I subscribed to FX Renew, which is not that long ago, maybe a month or two, I have made a profit on your signals alone of around $3,800.  So thanks very much for that.  Much appreciated!

I am delighted with the process so far. I think I misunderstood the GBP/USD trade last week I think I had my stop loss wrongly set and I was taken out , but all other trades have been great. Interesting when the EUR signal came in last week I was long in a EUR cross, so I closed out and lucky I did the EUR trade went well but the cross would have been a loss.

I think the explanations on all the trades are good, and the web site is easy to navigate.

I’m taking all the signals on demo and getting a lot of value through the learning. I’ll be sure to give plenty of feedback and comments…The content in the course is awesome. The trade plan template is the best practical content I’ve seen so far. You can definitely see the professional influence on it. I’ve gotten a lot out of putting my current trade plan through the wringer with it and it left a lot to be desired, particularly in position sizing and trade management.

I appreciate professionalism in whatever sphere I see and FxRenew team seems to be exactly the same. I’m here because I want to learn some of the most critical aspects of trading-trade and money management.  That could be done with modeling of some trading strategies from professional money managers, which trade the same market like me. I think your work is most appropriate way to do that (excluding work for hedge fund or prop trading firm 🙂 )

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your relentless work, for all the effort you`re putting in, for your books,  reports, and your weekly letters/beginning of the week videos, you`re a champion! I don`t think there`s greater legacy to leave behind than to help others, thanks Sam!

I am really benefiting from your blogs and coursework despite the huge catch-up time I needed to get new equipment and data retrieval after the damage of the lightning storm to my computers. Pleased to say that the significance of R:R has become clearer and workable, it took your posts and a bit of past reading for me to come to a better understanding. And to actually use it on a rewarding trade this week. That in itself has given me some measure of confidence that I did not have before about the viability of me being a decent trader.

I would like to thank you very much for your excellent writings especially for your advanced trading course. You are my number one resource on the net – a really creditworthy person in the trading business (there aren’t to many). I check everything what I receive from you.

I have just completed your course. Thank you. I have completed a number of courses in my bid to train myself as a trader. Your course has been enlightening an many ways. One major issue for me is as I look for training and coaching is the view pushed by many courses and  possible coaches is their rigid view that you must follow their method only. I resisted that point of view as i worked to develop my trading method. Over the long time I have developed my trading plan and methods that work for me. I have particularly appreciated the method of assessing the market that you showed me in market types and I have found this has helped. Particularly when you then send out your market types and comments and I can revisit my assessment and hone in on any possible errors or differences. This has been a very valuable tool and edge thank you. Having attended three of Van’s workshops last year I have recently made the transition to full-time trading. Your more complex exit strategies make complete sense to me and I will start applying them immediately.

I enjoy your weekly forecasts very much, I compare them to my own and it gives me a good understanding on how to read the market types.  The chat section you have added is excellent I have not as yet been involved however do read.  So I think the site is heading in the right direction, allowing members to gain some great insight of the week ahead.

The reason I came across yourself was that I saw that you followed/studied Van Tharp and after following you for sometime I see you have a great understanding of the markets.

Keep up the good work Sam.

I really appreciate and enjoy your trading courses and have found that training my mindset is far more important than entry exit strategies. I have been studying and thinking reading your courses and mindset is changing more and more. Trading small and counting pip’s instead of amount. Feel I am heading in the right direction.

I am recording all my trades and follow the statistics. Pretty simple so far, but after several tries, I think I am heading right now. Here you can see some statistics for my 36 last trades this week. Yes, I am testing a lot in different timeframes, and learning. Mainly Gold ( 1$ move is 10 pips). As you can see I reduced my investment when the condition were uncertain, and increased where the conditions looked good. Tight stop losses most of the time. Actually those trades represent a 96,5% profit on the periods starting capital, combination of luck and skill 😉 Thanks a lot for all the good inputs in your trading courses, I read some of them over and over again. I will manage to get a good mindset for trading.

In terms of the course, I must say that you have saved me $$$$$$, I was going to jump in and give the trading ‘a try’, but with working through the initial part of the course and starting to understand just how much is involved especially on the discipline and psychology aspects. Really thank you for all your effort as this must have taken you loads of time.

I was really surprised and pleased to come across you and the website that’s Van Tharp influenced as it’s his writings and my adoption of his approach that I truely believe will be providing my ‘Edge’ in the market.

I have just started using your service, but I must say that it seems very promising to me in terms of reliability, honesty and professionalism.

My past 3 months generated a return of approx 60-70%, so I am completely blown away by it, but I am also not delusional that it will always be like that.

I have been following you since I saw your Work in one of Van Tharps newsletter a couple of months ago.
I just wanted to say, that you are doing a good job with FXRenew and you are really helping me in finding my way into the financial markets.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your trading course & plan to review from scratch, as I’m finding that my beliefs are changing as my knowledge of trading grows. Knowing yourself is key to success!

Yea loving your service so far ! Best I’ve found ,  I’m a proper beginner and is good to have signals to backup my ideas . Made a little profit so far! Only been placing small trades at first getting used to your system but going to start upping the trades tomorrow so make it a good one ! 🙂 haha

Greetings, I am a member on the monthly option. I would like to evaluate if the professional option would be for me and what it includes. I am a forex trader and going for full time. Would I be fine with the yearly or would the professional service be something i should consider, I must say that I have been happy with your service which is really stands out from the crowd.

Firstly I’d like to thank you for the signals service.  I’m still getting used to it, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find it surprisingly educational – because it stretches me to interpret the signals and select and modify them to some degree.

I am blown away by Fxrenew. I am learning so much it’s very empowering and is building my confidence no end.

I have been making quite a bit of money aswell…

Just wanted to say thank you again for your great article last month. I had one Super Trader tell me in a very animated way that your article had really illuminated new ways for him to think about market types.

Dear Sam,

To say you guys are great is actually an understatement. I’m still wondering the right word to use. It’s been fabulous so far, I’ve told my mates too.

Thanks for all.

“You guys are a professional team with different perspectives and I think it’s a real strength that you work together to make the market calls. I also really like that it’s a fixed structure, weekly trade plus day trades, it’s a smart and manageable setup.”

More than anything, I’m enjoying the learning process and refining my Trading Business Plan to focus on Objectives, Position Sizing and working through the generously provided lessons.


I like your system development orientation, and your use of Van Tharp’s stuff. I’m going through your exit ideas (which are great). I’m looking forward to the July workshop(s).


So far so good. I’ve appreciated the quick and helpful reply’s I’ve had from yourself on the questions I’ve asked. I’m still pretty new to the world of Trading, and I’ve found FX Renews resources helpful.


I like following [your] signals to replace or reinforce my own trades, but I dislike black box type traders that don’t give you any information as to why they are trading like they are. The commentary that goes along with each trade and trade modification is invaluable to me to understand why they [Steve & Alan] are doing what they are.


Based on the lot sizes that I’ve been using according to my account size I’m currently up just over $800 on the trades from your signals, but I have to admit that I’ve been taking profit early once my daily profit has reached a level that I’m satisfied with.  In the last few trades this has helped because the positions would have reversed a bit towards the end.

Craig H.

I think the explanations on all the trades are good, and the web site is easy to navigate.


Very much enjoying all aspects of the service you provide including the additional analysis from 3C.


I like it. I think you have a great thing going.

Adam Button


To say you guys are great is actually an understatement. I’m still wondering the right word to use. It’s been fabulous so far, I’ve told my mates too. Thanks for all.


It’s all the stuff you post in the articles and people put on here. At first it seems cliche/glib/soundbites. But after a while it sinks. I’ve stopped trying to be right, applied much better money management. I still do my own analysis, reasd the aricles and your video, see if Justin thinks my trade is nuts and if it all lines up I go for it.  My account is up 30.3% since Feb and apart from a couple of errors and the odd impulsive trade, it’s been much lower risk than my previous years.



The signals and the technical analysis behind it are very clear and educational. I am not a full time trader and indeed not a professional trader, I have been trading for three years and since I have read some of your articles I have improved my trading, at least I break even now! I am happy I joined . Thanks.

I have been following you since I saw your Work in one of Van Tharps newsletter a couple of months ago. I just wanted to say, that you are doing a good job with FXRenew and you are really helping me in finding my way into the financial markets.


I would like to thank you for the excellent course you sent me, I am surprised about the amount of information you give away, it’s truly a great materials in this course, other educators will charge a fortune for part of it. Thank you again, I wish you all the best.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your trading course & plan to review from scratch, as I’m finding that my beliefs are changing as my knowledge of trading grows. Knowing yourself is key to success!


Overall I am very happy that I joined FX Renew – as a trader you want to continuously learn and find people that are on the same path and I think that is what FX Renew accomplishes – bringing people together, providing signals so I can concentrate on other parts of the trade and become a more well rounded trader.


Your website really helps, it made me identify why I kept blowing accounts, self sabotage was a big thing for me especially when I was trading well. As I mentioned before the calibre of traders and mentors that are on this site is amazing, all the workshops and courses are second to none. Great stuff.

Priceless service. I really would like to say thank you for this awesome service.  As a beginner, I was struggling with my system and since I joined I feel my trading is improving exponentially. I would say If you combine those signals with an appropriate system, you would have endless opportunities to make some good profits. Lastly, I will definitely be recommending this service to all wether experienced or beginners.

I’m delighted with every aspect of your FX Renew course, I have learned more from your course lessons than anything else I’ve done for years.
I’ve been trading FX for five or six years now and learning everything the hard way!
You have answered so many questions for me, things I’ve always wanted to know such as how the big traders work, and is stop-hunting real or a myth.
Other courses I’ve looked in to only teach their particular method of trading, in contrast you explain how things work and encourage traders like me to develop my own ideas.
I’ve been holding my own for a couple of years, now I’m starting to make a tiny profit each month.
I’m learning to be more disciplined and more patient.

I’m really enjoying the learning thanks Sam. It’s great to finally be getting some quality education from experienced traders – Bref

Just wanted to say a personal thank you for the training over the past year. I am grateful for all the advice and encouragement, and do want to thank you for giving up your personal time for a relatively small amount of money and for your kind encouragement and advice to all.

Jonathan Myall


I have started the weekly workshops and the first couple have been great. I have also worked through the early stages of the 20 part course which echo the 4 part course you provided for free – which I thought was excellent.
Your website far exceeds my expectations and is exactly what I believe I need to improve my trading to a more consistent level. – Iain

It takes me lots of time to complete it but after completing it I feel very confident. This exercise provide me wonderful chance to look inside myself, to understand markets in their true form i.e Randomness, uncertainty and probability perspective. Above all this also provide me insight how to achieve my personal objectives through trading market with my own trading system through position sizing. – Vikas

I have just finished going through the 1st Workshop Lesson and I am just amazed that after all the courses that I have taken over the years this was the first time that I have had so many “ahaa” moments. And that was only lesson one.


Thank you for the fantastic website that you have put together.  The more time I spend absorbing the information in your workshops, course and blog the more that I am learning and appreciating how thorough the information is and how much time and effort has gone into the website. And you are both still putting into the site.  The annual membership fee is very good value for money!


I’m so happy I’ve discovered you. I’ve been trying to trade successfully for 6 years and have spent a lot of money on education. Then I found your site and discovered I can just focus on position size and managing my risk to achieve my goals while subcontracting out the entry signal decision. I can see from the education on your site that I can look at things the other way and work backwards. I’m getting my Forex Smart Tools – Forex trading log back up and running again so that I can log all the trades and learn from them.


I feel FX renew is a really great FX training site with great value for money and contains contents which can turn people into professional traders with the right mindset provided they are willing to work hard for it.


You guys are providing the trading community with an awesome amount of quality and well-oriented content which I positively believe could be a turning point for the career of many traders like myself whom, even though they are taking trading as a long-term, serious business, haven’t had the opportunity to reach the expertise level to navigate on their own.


The website is full of content and has been a little over whelming to be honest and not in bad way. The more i read the more i realize how different trading with a business mind set is rather than a hobby or basically gambling. I am happy to have found your website as it gave me much great info, especially your resources page gave me many ideas for my research. My 7th sense told me that you are one of the few reliable and trustworthy people. Hence, I decided to take the signals to outsource some analysis, due to my extremely limited time.

Everything runs very well and I am happy that you contributed to it. You would be within my world top 3 that I would strongly recommend to anyone.

Thank you for putting up quite a comprehensive material for us retail traders to learn and develop our skills.


Thank you for all the blogs they are a big help in every part of my trading.