I wrote a vision for our traders (the guys who do the signals) and I thought that some of you might like to read it, as it speaks to what we are looking to achieve for you.  

For most traders the journey is a difficult one. On the whole retail Forex traders tend to lose money to both the spread and due to market losses. Many don’t have a good grasp of what it takes to successful in terms of risk management and position sizing, nor do they have the ability to consistently generate good ideas, so they tend to over-trade.

But it’s not all bad for retail traders. They have several advantages over their institutional counterparts. Due to their small size they have a great degree of flexibility in their position sizing model, and liquidity is not the issue that it is for large traders. They have no constraints that force them to trade or hold a position when there is nothing going on.

At FX Renew we have the opportunity to “fill in the gap” for retail traders. We can teach them how to make the most of their time trading Forex though position sizing, how to avoid making mistakes though mental strategies, and provide them with a steady stream of opportunities with an edge through signals.

What does this mean? It means the retail trader can transform from a loser into a winner, without the massive learning curve, and start to generate real wealth from the Forex market. For some it means they will have a significantly improved or more secure lifestyle.

So what do we need to do to make this happen? It’s all about returns. The crux of our success, like any trading organization, is to make good trades.

Let’s make this more specific. We measure our returns on R-multiples. An R-multiple is a measure of risk/reward. For example if you risk 50 pips and make 100 pips then you have made 2R. If you risk 100 pips and make 300 pips you have a return of 3R. If your stop is hit, you have lost 1R. There are other measures of performance, but for the purposes of our business R-multiple are the one we will use. If we can consistently generate R-multiples each month then our clients will be able to generate a lot of profit, and we will have the product to support a big business.

The number I have chosen that we want to have as a goal is 30R a month across the business. So with three signal providers that is an objective of 10R a month each. That is your goal as a signal provider.