End of Day Signals*

Systematic Opportunities Across Multiple Markets

Benefit from Signals on Forex, Metals and Commodities on the New York Close

*Please note that we are currently in beta-mode

Diversify Across Markets

Build a portfolio of 10-20 End of day signals, targeting 4-6R a month in returns.

Easy to Manage

Trades are placed and managed once a day in the hour after the New York close. 

End-Of-Day Signals Key Benefits

Target Return

We target 4-6R per month


Trades are ranked A, B, C so you can decide to trade only one group or all categories.


Trades can last anywhere from 1-2 days up to 3 months when conditions dictate.

Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results.


What does beat-mode mean?
The signals are in live development phase. This means there could be more errors than typical and that changes will like occur to the structure of the signals.
Please bear this in mind when you are allocating funds to the signals.
We encourage customer feed-back during the beta-mode.
What does 4-6R mean?
If you are risking 1% per trade then 4-6 would return you 4-6% a month. Our recommended risk is 0.5% per trade meaning you would earn 2-3% a month. Targeted annual returns are 25-40% a year for the End of Day Signals Program.
How much should I risk per trade?

We risk 0.5% per trade, but you are free to develop or use a different position sizing model of your own if it suits you.

How many trades will I receive a month?

You will typically receive between 10-20 A and B quality signals a month. There will also be some additional C quality signals issued which you can also trade.

How many trades could I get at one time?

You will receive at most four trades in a day, although typically it is one or two (or none).

How long do I hold the trades for?

A trade can last anywhere from 1-2 days to 3 months if it continues to move in your favor.

How many trades do you have open at any one time?
As the signals can last for a number of weeks you may end up with 15-20 trades at any one time (although normally this would be less).
Typically, as the signals are added over time, many of the open positions have locked in profit so your account is not exposed to a large number of losses at one time.
What is the cost of the program?

The End of Day Signals are included in our membership package. You can see membership options here.

Is the trade management strictly once per day?
While we reserve the right to manage a trade intra-day, in almost all cases the signals are managed in the hour after the New York close.
We apply a trailing stop that can be trailed once per day as required.
What is the methodology behind the signals?
You can read more about the End of Day Signals trading methodology here.
Also note that the signals are roughly based on the Weekly Trading Opportunities Report on our blog.
Can I get a spreadsheet of the closed trades?

Yes, please email us at hello@fxrenew.com for an up to date spreadsheet of trades.

So What’s Next?

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