Coaching is a 1-on-1, personalized service with an experienced market professional that reveals simple timeless principles of successful speculation.

In these sessions you will be guided towards a concise method that integrates fundamental flavour with evident momentum, ultimately allowing you to make clear logical decisions regarding: what to trade, why to trade it, where to enter, how to manage the trade, how to exit.

Coaching is suitable for people with an appropriate personal situation which will be assessed through a questionnaire.

Successful Coaching students will have priority access to funding opportunities.

What to Expect:

At least 2 Skype sessions/month

Day to day monitoring & feedback

Detailed Pre-Trade Checklist

Structure consistent routines

Psychological Support

Access to Coaching Chatroom

“Trading is all about to paying attention, if it’s not evident it’s not there” – Justin

About Justin

Justin has a Masters Degree in Economics and Finance and over 10 years’ experience in the financial sector, having worked for CIBC World Markets, Salex SpA, Forex Capital Markets Ltd.

Created content for some of the largest FX brokers worldwide.

Lecturer for the University of Ancona on Trading & Market Dynamics since 2012.

Network of around 30 sell/buy-side traders, reporters, strategists and ex-bank traders from leading institutions across the globe.

Over 6 years’ experience as an educator, sharing his knowledge with a select group of students and helping them grow into future professional traders.

Want To Be Coached? Find out if you are suitable:

Charged Monthly, No Contract Term

Download and fill out the questionnaire

Submit the questionnaire by e-mail to:

Within 48 hours you will be contacted with the outcome and if successful with the next steps




I’ve been with FXR for an year now but recently decided to take private coaching with Justin to enhance my skills further. From the first session alone I realised how little I know about the markets in general, importance of fundamentals and why I was not succeeding and stuck with my results. Justin’s model is simple and very straightforward which is rather easy to implement and i believe anyone can do it if they follow what they learn from Justin. I recommend joining sooner than later not only to enhance your skills but also to avoid any unnecessary bad habits that might have to be unwired from your brain to effectively learn what Justin teaches.


This is by far the best decision I took after years of seeking the “truth” by reading, trial/error and indicator development. He has a realistic approach for all the phases of trading and the fact that it requires, research, evaluation, interpretation, evaluation and filtering increases the odds of a successful trade and the confidence to to take and manage it. His support extends considerably with his weekly articles, webinars, his presence in the “tribe” and “coaching” members chatrooms. He is considerate to the trader’s ego and psychological phases, managing at the same time to provide direction and clarity.


Justin has managed to turn my trading around, from consistently losing to consistently winning. He read my trading personality very well, was quick to analyse my weaknesses, and able to adopt his system to suit my trading preferences. He introduced concepts which were totally new to me, from sentiment reading & time of day of trading, to risk & trade management. He stressed the importance of identifying only high-quality trade setups, and to become process-oriented. Justin has a no-nonsense, direct, & very logical approach, and during his coaching he went well beyond the call of duty in order go guide me onto the right path. I highly recommend his coaching!


I have found Justin very helpful in the two months I have been mentored/coached by him. We both look at fundamentals in a similar way and apply them to trading so this provided a good start to the coaching and we had a lot to talk about. Justin showed me a brand new technique/ trading model, which I am now adapting to and using to formulate the majority of my trades. I have still not mastered the technique as of yet, but I understand it and I like the way it works and the rational behind it. I like the way he looks at the markets and I can understand his pattern of thought when his is explaining things to me, which is very important I think. Its helped me see trades clearly.