Currently in Beta Mode, FX Renew Medium-term signals are trades based off our Weekly Trading Opportunities Report. Entry orders are set and trades are managed once a day in the hour after the US market closes, though there may be the odd time the trade needs management intra-day depending on the market. 

Trade Management Updates 

  • GBPJPY from 8 December hit the stop-loss for a loss of 1R

New Signals 

Here is a brief user guide.

  • Please place a trailing stop on all positions using the SuperTrend Indicator with the settings of 2/7. I will not be updating trailing stops on these positions (unless they are triggered)
  • Put an order to close 50% of your position on the profit target
  • Orders may be exited in two equal parts
  • If 50% of an order is closed before the profit target is reached then remove the profit target
  • Please do not trade “C” quality signals unless you have strong conviction in the trade
  • Entry orders on Tuesday to Friday are “market orders”. Orders on Monday are “stop” orders
  • I recommend trading only FX, Metals and Energy signals at this point in time.
Date Market Direction Entry Stop Target Method Market Type Strategy Candle Strength Candle Quality Weekly S/R Weekly Candle Weekly MT Catalyst Exit Strategy
12 December GBPUSD Long 1.34154 1.3308 1.3645 Pull-back Bull Normal Trend Strong Bullish Engulfing B N N Bull Normal N ST