FX Renew Auto-signals

Copy Trade FX Renew’s Forex Signals in Your Own Account

About FX Renew Auto-signals

FX Renew Auto-signals allows you to automatically copy FX Renews Signals in your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or C-trader account.

You maintain full control of the position size, leverage and have the flexibility to manage the positions on your own if you so choose.


The objective of FX Renew’s Auto-signals is the track or slightly improve upon the performance of FX Renew’s weekly and daily signals.

Our goal is to provide you with superior risk-adjusted returns. We target 10-30% a year returns with minimal drawdowns. At this stage we have not had a drawdown of 4%.

We believe we offer a quality option for wealth creation in a world of low-rates and asset bubbles.

Our Auto-signals program is the next step in making institutional level services and digital advice accessible to the retail trader.


Here is the performance of FX Renew’s signals.

Note: This is performance since inception of the signals. The copy trading account itself started later. 

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Forex trading is risky and not suited to all investors or traders. Please check with your financial advisor if this service is right for you.

Log-in to the Auto-signals Portal to Get Started

Note: New users will need to create a new login and password. Your password to the FX Renew members area won’t work.


Note: There are more detailed FAQ’s regarding the technical aspects of the Auto-signals inside the portal.

I already have log-ins to the FX Renew member’s area, can I use them for logging into the Auto-signals portal?

No, you will need to create new login’s for the portal as it is a different system.

Is it free to log-in to the portal?

Yes, it is free to log-in and view performance and statistics.

What is the cost of the Auto-signals?

FX Renew members receive a discounted rate of $60 AUD per month + the cost of a VPS if you want to use one.

Can I use my current MT4 account?

Yes, you can use your current MT4 account. We do recommend you set-up a separate account for the signals as it’s good trading practice to run separate accounts for separate strategies. Here are our recommended brokers.  

So, how does it actually work?

You log-in to the portal and select to follow the account and pay the monthly fee. You then load an expert advisor (EA) or equivalent onto your MT4 platform and input your user details. Then when a trade is placed in the master account it is copied into your account (at the position size you choose). When the trade is closed in the master account, it is closed in your account. You need to keep your MT4 running to receive the signals so many traders will choose to run it on a VPS.

What kind of account activity can I expect?

Our strategy is conservative yet consistent. You can expect one trade each day, executed around the European Open and managed throughout the day. We generally do not update the position during the Asian Session. For more information, please refer to our signals page.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. While we do the utmost we can to produce consistent returns, there are no guarantees of performance and you need to accept ultimately responsibility for your results if you are trading forex. It is very important you understand this point. Additionally, this is a “hands-offs” service and we are not available to discuss every difference between the performance of the email signals and the Auto-signals account (though we will do our best to communicate with you).