The whispers of doubt come to us all.

Even the great traders in their private moments sometimes wonder if they “still have it”. Less accomplished traders question if they should even bother – or perhaps think trading is some kind of fantasy.

But the seeds of doubt are not to be feared. They are to be accepted as a natural part of the progression towards mastery.

Ultimately what matters is not the doubt, but the desire. The hunger to succeed is what will determine your future in this business.

So take heart, dear trader, and know that where there is a will there is a way.

Finding your true trader self

That said, not everybody can be every kind of trader.

Some people are born to be day traders, while others may be strategists extraordinaire. A square trader is not going to fit into a round hole.

How to know?

It comes down to your personality. Are you a fast paced action woman? Maybe short-term trading is for you. Are you more cerebral in nature? Perhaps you should take a global macro approach. Some of you may be skilled programmers, capable of developing adaptive algorithms.

Others may be happy checking their long-term position once a week, or even monthly, and dedicating their time to other passions.

When the doubt lingers, realize that it’s most likely because you have not found your calling as a trader – the method that suits you. But don’t be discouraged. It will come in time (if you focus your attention in the right areas) and enjoy the journey in the meantime. It’s lots of fun.

A final thought… if you are reading this post, you are meant to be a trader. Otherwise why would you be here?



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