At FX Renew we start with a few simple beliefs.


Belief #1

While learning Forex trading is not easy, it can be modelled and taught by leveraging the knowledge of experts. When this is done, it can have a transformational effect on a trader’s life.

Belief #2

By providing Forex Trading Signals with an edge, traders are free to focus their time on more important aspects of their trading such as position-sizing, risk management, and trading mistake-free.

Belief #3

Forex signals are a superior form of trading. By retaining control of your position sizing model and objectives you can far outperform a managed account or copy trading service, with-out having to spend the thousands of hours required to learn to read the markets.

The FX Renew Trading Tribe 

In the words of Market Wizard Ed Seykota, a Trading Tribe “is an association of people who commit to excellence, personal growth, and supporting and receiving support from each other”.

When you join the FX Renew Forex signals service you become part of our Trading Tribe. We are a circle of traders who help and support each other specifically with respect to Forex trading, as a vehicle for personal, financial and spiritual growth.

A Trading Tribe only works up to a certain level. In a tribe each member, while not always close, at least knows each other, and works towards a common goal – the good of the tribe. Once a tribe becomes too big it become a trading city. Cities are impersonal, and promote fragmentation, not the collective transformation the tribe seeks.

The FX Renew Team 

Sam Eder – Owner

Sam has been trading since 2007. Sam is an ex-army officer and he holds a masters in Leadership. In 2008 Sam joined one of the top 10 Global Forex brokerages, where he worked in both Australia and Singapore. Since then he started a share investing business, SpoonFed Investor.

Ever the entrepreneur, in 2014 the opportunity arose to take over  FX Renew, an existing Forex signals business. Since then, Sam has completely revamped the business to support the vision of sharing the signals of ex-bank and hedge fund traders.

Sam is the author of The Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traderswhich he spent close to 500 hours developing. He is also author of The Definitive Guide to Building a Winning Forex Trading System and The Consistent Trader: How to Build a Winning Trading System, Master Your Psychology, and Earn Consistent Profits in the Forex Market


Heavily influenced by the Market Wizards, the following are five of Sam’s core beliefs on trading:

  • Entries give you an edge but position-sizing is how you achieve your trading objectives
  • It’s how you trade the market after you enter that matters
  • Work on your belief structure first. It will change everything
  • Mistakes kill trading systems, so learn to be in the zone and be mistake free
  • Trading is 100% psychology, as everything from placing a trade to developing systems is about the quality of your decisions.

Sam’s trading style is rules based discretionary. He looks to define the market type and direction using fundamentals and weekly technicals, and then uses price action to stalk an low risk/high reward entry on lower time frames. He particularity likes low volatility set-ups.

When he holds a position he uses a combination of time-frames to manage the trade. He tends to scale in and trade in and out of his position in the context of a longer term move in order to control risk and build a larger core position.

He believes in using position sizing to risk only a small part of his core trading capital while using markets money to generate open-ended returns. This means that if he is wrong he does not lose money, and if he is right the profit potential can be large.

You can find out more about Sam at

Justin Paolini – Co-Owner & Coach

Justin has over 10 years of experience trading FX of which 3 were spent as a Sales Trader and as a Broker. His market commentary has been published on Yahoo! Finanza, Trend Online, FX Street,, For the past 6 years he has dedicated himself to helping others succeed, and more recently (since 2012) he has been a guest Lecturer for the University of Ancona on Trading and Market Dynamics. Contacts include around 30 sell/buy-side traders, reporters, strategists and ex-bank traders from leading institutions across the globe. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Finance, and a Master’s degree in Finance,Banking & Insurance (University of Ancona, 2008). Justin operates 2 separate models: a short to medium term trend/momentum approach, and a short-term news-based approach If you are interested in private coaching with Justin, visit his Coaching Page.

Our History

FX Renew, a Forex signals service, was originally founded in 2010 to challenge the Forex market status quo, and today we continue with that tradition.

Uniquely for a Forex signals service our traders work, or have worked, at major banks and hedge funds. The signals they provide come from decades of successful trading and deep connections with market participants.

At FX Renew we know that trading success is more than about the signal so we focus a significant amount of time of integrating a holistic approach to trading success in our customers, which includes advanced position sizing algorithms.

In 2014 FX Renew was acquired by Sam Eder and Mike Collins, who shared FX Renew’s passion for doing things differently by focusing on creating transformational levels of trading success in their customers.

FX Renew holds Australian Financial Services Licence Number 455388.