About Us.

FX Renew provides premium Forex signals and video courses.

Since 2015 Steve Lucas and Alan Collins have provided premium Forex Signals to retail traders through FX Renew. Prior to this, their signals were only available to a select group or hedge funds, central banks, investment banks and high networth individuals.

FX Renew has several Forex courses on topics including how to build a winning Forex trading system, advanced technical analysis and how to understand Forex Fundamentals in order to make better trading decisions. These are provided to all members upon joining.


Our Approach

  • Clear. Our signals give specific buy and sell calls along with important levels for you to watch.  
  • Concise. Our signals contain only the important information so you can make the best decisions.  
  • Consistent. Our signals have been delivered since 2007 prior to the London open without fail. 
  • Educational. Learn from our courses what you need to know to trade the markets effectively and safely. 

Trusted by professionals and retails traders alike.

I am blown away by Fx Renew. I am learning so much, it’s very empowering and is building my confidence no end.

Free Guide: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Forex Signals. 

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