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The Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders

The Market Wizards are the elite traders and investors interviewed by Jack D.  Schwager in his Market Wizards series of books.

This includes great traders such as Richard Dennis, Van K. Tharp, Tom Basso and Ray Dalio.

In this Forex course we have isolated what it is these top traders do, and how they think and present it to you in a week-by-week lesson format.

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  • The power of beliefs and how they shape your trading
  • The 25 beliefs of highly successful traders and how to model them
  • The scientific path to financial freedom
  • How to develop a compelling model of the forex market
  • How to get an edge and trade like the “house”
  • How to set objectives that let you risk less and win big
  • Why it’s through position sizing that you achieve your trading goals
  • The key to Forex system development: market types
  • Damn good Forex set-ups
  • How to stalk a “low risk /high reward” entry point
  • How your stops get hunted and what to do about it
  • Trading what’s in-front of you with a complex exit strategy
  • Trading after the trade: advanced trade management techniques
  • How to run your trading business like a hedge-fund
  • How to avoid system death for good.
  • How to develop the master trader mindset
  • The one secret the world’s top trading psychologist recommends
  • How trading is a game and you make the rules
  • Constructing advanced position sizing algorithms
  • The 12 daily tasks of top Forex traders
  • How to get in the trading zone like an elite athlete
  • Writing your trading plan and executing your strategy


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How to get the most our of this Forex course

This isn’t your typical free Forex trading course. It wasn’t just thrown together.

We put hundreds of hours into creating it, and even longer living and trading by it’s principles.

If you’re serious about your Forex trading you’re going to get large amount of value out of this.

There are no get rich schemes, only the timeless principles of the greatest traders


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